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I think I have a fear of casts…

Like claustrophia but involving wearing a cast…I have never worn a cast but when ever I see one it really freaks me out.

what would I do if I were to break a bone or something….ugh, just thinking about it is giving me chills.


How to make a Terrarium in 4 steps …

The size of your container will affect the amount of materials you will need and use:

1. The first layer is rocks, which you can purchase at pet, garden or craft stores. Add enough to the bottom for adequate drainage.

2. The next layer is activated charcoal, which you can get at pet or garden stores (it is used in fish tanks). Add a thin layer over the rocks.

3. Depending on the depth of your container, you will next add soil. Leave enough room for your plant’s roots. 

4. Next is your plant(s). Make sure they are not touching the glass as it will make them brown. One of the trickiest things is finding the right sized and shaped plants. If it won’t hurt the plant, you can divide it and use only a section because it needs room to grow.

5. If your container is going to be closed, you can add moss around the sides of the plant. Open containers with succulents or cacti should be carefully filled in with pebbles on top.  

6. Top your creation with a whimsical inhabitants like Yoda or dinosaurs!

If you’d like to see one made, watch this Martha Stewart video . It’s a good thing.

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Carl just finished Pretty Deadly #5

And he just came in to tell me how much he loves the story and he really likes the art…and I don’t know why but it makes me soo happy that he loves it.

Nail polish on sale at Walgreens! I wish I had bought more!

"I wish that I could, but I’m so close to finishing season one of ‘Damages’, and I made this, like, amazing cashew stir-fry for the week, so I’m actually pretty booked."

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I hate bitching about my job…

because at least I have a job, and I work from home…but I am working 60 hours for the next few weeks, and it is crazy stressful and overwhelming.

I mean, I want the money, but I only have Sundays off now and I work from 12-10, so it is basically my entire day taken up. I will really have to work on waking up early so I can get some things done before going into work.

Picture from High School, maybe senior year.

I kept meaning to take a shower

and now it is 1 am…

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LUMBERJANES #2 FOC’s today! Tell all your friends and comic shops all about it!

Cover A is from Noelle Stevenson (MAR140982) and COVER B is from Tessa Stone (MAR140983)!

I opened LumberJanes 1 and instantly fell in love…



I finally ordered two more copies of issue 1.

One for the cut out and one for a friend! Looking forward to number 2!!

Lets play a game!

I want some game to play with your all on my ipad or iphone or whatever…What games are there? I have evil apples…


Black and White Fatshion Giveaway

I decided to do a giveaway for my lovely followers. I’m giving away 3 dresses and a playsuit. 

Tribal Print dress in a 2X

Black and white stripped asymmetrical dress in 3X

Polka dot peplum dress in 3X

Geometric playsuit in 3X

Rules are as follows:

1. You must be following me.

2. You may only reblog once a day. Likes count too.

3. A winner will be picked in ten days on April 27th

Good luck and message me if you have any questions!